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We sincerely appreciate
your trust and support
extended to SM Line.

Dear valued customers,
We sincerely appreciate your trust and support extended to SM Line.

Since its establishment in December 2016, SM Line has achieved remarkable growth. Within just two years of its inception, SM Line launched services on the US West Coast South (CPX) and the US West Coast North (PNS). By its fifth year of operation in 2021, the company achieved an operating profit of 1 trillion won, solidifying its position as a trusted Korean national ocean carrier in the shipping industry.

The rapid growth of SM Line has been possible thanks to the unwavering support of our customers. We humbly express our gratitude to all who have contributed to SM Line's growth. We promise to continue being your reliable partner for years to come. In the uncertain global economy of the post-COVID era and amid external challenges, we will closely monitor and swiftly respond to changing circumstances. Even in the midst of geopolitical changes, we are committed to providing trusted services. Additionally, we will adhere to various environmental regulations and fulfill our social responsibilities faithfully.

We kindly ask for your continuous interest and encouragement, enabling SM Line to provide competitive services and grow together with you.
Thank you.

SM LINE Corporation CEO    

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